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A Crazy Proposal from Dogecoin Co-Founder for Bitcoin (BTC)

10:35 am (33 days ago)
August 31, 2023

Kryptocurrency sector has experienced an unexpected surge lately, and many cryptocurrencies, including the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), have started to rise. The main reason behind this surge is Grayscale’s victory in the ETF-related lawsuit. Although a spot ETF has not been approved yet, this court decision is very important and the price is reacting to it. However, when a real spot ETF approval is seen, the intensity of the rise can be much higher, and Dogecoin co-founder has a suggestion for this.

Suggestion to Saylor for BTC

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus made a suggestion to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor. Saylor, who is known for his massive BTC purchases and his belief in BTC, is also a famous BTC investor and advocate. Markus emphasized in his half-serious, half-joking suggestion that if the BTC price exceeds $1 million, a temple should be built for BTC. The co-founder of Dogecoin stated that this temple would physically represent the revolutionary power and accomplishments of BTC, and he might really be thinking about it.

Markus also stated that he would help Saylor in the design and construction of this temple. The famous figure emphasized that this would actually be a physical manifesto, and the world would become a better place with BTC.

Will the BTC Price Reach $1 Million?

The CEO of MicroStrategy had emphasized in his statement in July that the BTC price could reach $1 million within a few years. It seems that this is exactly why Markus is addressing Saylor. Although Saylor has not officially responded yet, if the BTC price reaches $1 million, it will be possible to see examples of entrepreneurship beyond this.

In his further comments, Shibetoshi, which is Markus, emphasized that they could pray to Satoshi here. In fact, it is not difficult to predict that there are already similar initiatives. However, directly building a real temple may not be tolerated by some countries.

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