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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Organize Itself Using Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Structure

8:27 pm (66 days ago)
July 28, 2023

AI and DAO Project by Hayes!

Traditional companies cannot operate without specific organizations approved by the government, such as auditors, accountants, lawyers, and bankers. However, imagining the compliance of an economic organization under technology’s control is challenging as AI gradually takes over.

Arthur Hayes’ latest post titled ‘Moai’ explores the role of AI in an organizational structure. The former executive emphasized that DAOs rely on public blockchains rather than the government to function. According to the expert, a DAO framework can facilitate collaboration between artificial intelligence and humans by serving as a corporate backbone that supports growth within the artificial intelligence and human economy.

According to renowned Arthur Hayes, the government cannot control artificial intelligences because it cannot technically kill or meaningfully punish such systems. In this scenario, an AI economic unit, an AI DAO, leaves no reason for following any government-based legal norms, according to Hayes.

Expectations of Potential Increase in Ethereum!

To achieve compatibility, the underlying infrastructure of DAOs may need to use smart contracts distributed and executed on public blockchains. This situation will position DEXs, which Hayes sees as “natural monopolies,” as global trading places where any entity with internet connectivity can interact and transact.

Former BitMEX CEO mentioned that if the Artificial Intelligence DAOs hypothesis becomes a reality, Ethereum transactions will grow exponentially as a result. This may catalyze a surge in the value of ETH.

He also believes that several DEXs will have “natural monopolies” over trading certain types of tokens. Investors can earn profits after identifying and purchasing governance tokens of such decentralized assets. Meanwhile, well-functioning AI DAOs are expected to gain significant attention as they play a crucial role in visualizing the accounts of AI DAOs.

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