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Artificial Intelligence Projects and Their Significance in the Crypto Industry

9:03 pm (60 days ago)
October 8, 2023

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes suggested that two important catalysts will trigger an epic bull market for the cryptocurrency industry. The world-renowned CEO stated that there will be a decline in the value of the US dollar due to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, which will also have an impact on cryptocurrencies.

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence Projects

In a recent interview with Crypto Banter, Arthur Hayes claimed that the commercialization of artificial intelligence (AI) and the historical money printing by the Federal Reserve will lead to a major bull run for cryptocurrencies. The expert made the following statements:

Token I presented a thesis called “Double Happiness” in 2049, and it was about the bull market we are currently experiencing, which consists of the combination of the highest amount of money. It is about how the commercialization of artificial intelligence and its relation with cryptocurrencies are the most transformative technological development in human history. The convergence of these two things will produce the most epic bull market in crypto and virtually everything that is a risky asset worldwide.

The Impact of the US Dollar on Cryptocurrencies!

According to Arthur Hayes, economic powers such as the US, Europe, and China will lend absurd amounts of money in favor of cryptocurrency. The expert stated:

I have researched how much the US, China, Europe, and Japan will actually lend, and it surprised me in a positive way. It is so absurd that so much money will be printed in the next two to three years as central banks try to rescue government bond markets. I am so optimistic about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and some stocks that there is a downward trend in the currency because there will be trillions of dollars more.

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