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Binance Removes 8 More Pairs: Here are the Details

12:24 pm (40 days ago)
August 16, 2023

The giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance, known for its frequent pair cleansing, has recently announced the removal of 8 pairs from the spot market. Here are the details of those pairs and other important information.

8 More Pairs to be Removed on Binance

The major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the removal of 8 pairs from the spot market. According to the announcement made by the cryptocurrency exchange, trading of CKB/BUSD, FARM/BUSD, ORN/BUSD, REN/BUSD, SKL/BUSD, UFT/BUSD, ZEN/BUSD, and ZRX/BUSD pairs will be halted and removed from the spot market at 06:00 AM GMT on August 18.

The removal of BUSD pairs for CKB, FARM, ORN, REN, SKL, UFT, ZEN, and ZRX will not affect their other pairs, and trading will continue on other trading pairs offered for these altcoins. Additionally, at 06:00 AM GMT on August 18, Trading Bots service will be temporarily suspended for these pairs. Binance advised users to update their Trading Bots or cancel their open orders to avoid any losses.

Binance’s recent announcement regarding the removal of pairs is directly related to Binance Coin (BNB). Binance has been actively cleaning up BNB pairs for a while, and it is expected to continue this cleansing process.

24 Pairs to be Removed from Spot and Margin on August 17

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, previously announced the removal of several pairs on August 17. Starting at 06:00 AM GMT, BETA/BNB, BTTC/BUSD, CELR/BNB, CHZ/GBP, CTK/BUSD, DENT/BUSD pairs will be removed. At 09:00 AM GMT, ENJ/BRL, GAL/EUR, JST/BUSD, MANA/BRL, NEO/RUB, NKN/BUSD pairs will be removed. Finally, at 11:00 AM GMT, RUNE/GBP, SAND/BRL, SNT/BUSD, SUN/BUSD, VET/GBP pairs will be removed.

Binance also made a similar pair removal announcement on August 8, stating that ASTR/BUSD, AUDIO/BUSD, BAT/BUSD, BSW/BUSD, NMR/BUSD, PEOPLE/BUSD, and RSR/BUSD pairs will be removed from Binance Margin, the margin trading platform of the cryptocurrency exchange.

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