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Can XRP Make You Rich?

12:08 am (39 days ago)
October 27, 2023

The dream of becoming a millionaire is known as a goal that people do not give up on. The cryptocurrency market, which has high volatility, is also used as a tool in this regard. Considering its early development, the question of how much the cryptocurrency market can grow and where it can go continues to intrigue investors.

Can XRP Make You Rich?

In recent years, many investors are jumping on the train with the expectation of getting rich quickly and investing in cryptocurrencies. In this process, the interest in other crypto assets like XRP is increasing. However, it is very difficult to say that there are risk-free shortcuts in this process.

Many of the investors who entered the market after the bull run in cryptocurrencies continue to operate at a loss. Many economic events triggered this in the market over the past 2 years.

If we consider only one cryptocurrency, we can focus on XRP and talk about it. From an objective point of view, an investor who currently holds 1.81 million XRP tokens will have a total of $1 million at the current price of $0.55 per token.

How Much XRP Do You Need?

The current value of a wallet consisting of 1 million XRP seems to be equal to $550,000. Approximately 1 year ago, XRP was purchased at $0.47, and the XRP worth $854,545 would have made a person a millionaire today.

From another perspective, if XRP reaches its ATH (All-Time High) market value of $131.65 billion in 2018, the price per XRP will be $2.46 when calculated based on the current circulating supply of 53.4 billion tokens.

Interestingly, for an investor’s wallet with 406,467 XRP, which will reach the value of $1 million, the investor will need to invest $223,557 at $0.55 per token.

If an optimistic estimate is made for investors, if XRP demand surpasses the previous ATH level and the XRP price reaches its ATH of $3.40 per token, the amount of XRP that an investor needs to buy to become a millionaire will correspond to $161,764 as of today.

Disclaimer: This article does not contain any investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry risks due to their high volatility and should conduct their transactions based on their own research.

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