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COINTURK Crowned as the Premier Cryptocurrency News Platform in Turkey & Middle East at 2023 FinTech Awards!

5:55 pm (26 days ago)
August 30, 2023

Under the leadership of Chief Editor Levent Kurt, Managing Editor İlayda Peker, and Content Coordinator Fatih Uçar, COINTURK and its dedicated 14-member team have been tirelessly delivering 24/7 updates on the cryptocurrency market to its readers for a decade. Their unwavering commitment and expertise have culminated in being recognized as the top Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news platform of 2023 in both Turkey and the Middle East, a prestigious accolade awarded at the Wealth & Finance 2023 Fintech Awards.

Wealth & Finance 2023 Fintech Awards

Wealth & Finance International can be defined as a platform dedicated to providing high-quality, informative, and up-to-date global content. It is published by AI Global Media Ltd, a publishing house that revitalizes corporate finance news and reporting.

Wealth & Finance International, developed by a highly talented team consisting of writers, editors, business experts, and regional sector specialists, provides reports from all corners of the world to inform readers about news and topics that are vital to banking, finance, regulation, risk, and wealth management in their regions.

According to Wealth & Finance, the finance sector continues to have a great need for the latest digital technology in the modern age. In its seventh year, the Wealth & Finance 2023 Fintech Awards program selected businesses and individuals who are revolutionizing the financial technology world. The winners are said to have unique projects, ranging from risk and compliance management software to trading platforms, e-commerce tax and accounting, AI-supported stock trading platforms, and much more. According to the statements, the award winners are shaping the industry and, therefore, the future of FinTech with their focuses.

Award Coordinator Laura O’Carroll explains the success of this year’s winners with the following words:

It was a pleasure for me to host the 2023 Fintech Awards. I would like to congratulate our winners for all the achievements they have made so far and wish them the best for the future.

COINTURK: A Meaningful Award

Wealth & Finance, which emphasizes the importance of sharing companies that make intense efforts to provide the best services and products to their users, has chosen COINTURK as the best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news site of 2023 in Turkey and the Middle East as part of the 2023 Fintech Awards.

COINTURK, which has been serving as a cryptocurrency news and content platform since 2014, is one of Turkey’s first cryptocurrency news sources. Embracing the aim of sharing accurate and unbiased news since its inception, COINTURK continues to keep track of the pulse of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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