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Crypto Currency Platform Hackers Revealed!

1:57 pm (56 days ago)
July 27, 2023

The crypto currency sector has been plagued by numerous attacks and hacks recently, and it may have been a relief to find out that some of the culprits have been identified.

Lazarus Behind the Alphapo Attack

Lazarus, a world-renowned hacker group believed to be affiliated with North Korea, has been identified as the perpetrator behind the hack of the Alphapo platform. The investigation into the hacking of Alphapo, which is particularly associated with gambling and e-commerce platforms, appears to have been conducted by ZachXBT.

ZachXBT, a well-known crypto currency detective, assessed the attack that began on July 22nd and resulted in a total loss of $60 million. The wallets of Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Tron (TRX), which are linked to the platform in question, were hacked, and millions of dollars were withdrawn within seconds.

Although it is not yet known how much funds were withdrawn from Alphapo’s hot wallets, it has been proven that this attack is linked to Lazarus through connected wallets. Another attack occurred earlier this week, resulting in a total amount of $60 million. ZachXBT emphasized that Lazarus usually leaves a very specific trace on-chain, highlighting that this is definitely related to Lazarus.

Lazarus Wreaks Havoc in the Crypto Currency Sector

Lazarus group is the nightmare of many crypto currency exchanges and institutions. According to information provided by Elliptic, this group based in North Korea may have stolen over $2 billion in funds. It is estimated that Lazarus made $100 million from the Atomic Wallet attack in June alone. Lazarus traces were also found in the $190 million Nomad Bridge attack and the $100 million Harmony Bridge attack.

Although measures against the North Korean group are increasing, it is known that there will always be vulnerabilities in the crypto currency sector. Furthermore, it is known that some crypto currency platforms may try to escape bankruptcy without any liability by launching attacks from within, giving the impression of Lazarus. One thing that is certain is that as the crypto currency sector grows, so will the attacks, and Lazarus is critical in this regard.

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