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Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Arrested During Confrontation with Former Business Partner

11:06 am (75 days ago)
September 26, 2023

“BitBoy”, also known as crypto currency phenomenon Ben Armstrong, found himself handcuffed and arrested in front of the house of his former business partner Carlos Diaz while he was live streaming. The arrest came minutes after Armstrong announced on social media that he would be going live from an exceptional location and started the live stream.

Ben’s Confrontation Plan with Former Business Partner Went Out of Control

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, while announcing that he would confront his former business partner Carlos Diaz, claimed that Diaz had connections with the Houston mafia and intended to harm him. During the live stream opened by Armstrong to confront Diaz, he could be heard shouting “I’m not afraid of you Carlos,” but the situation changed when the police intervened.

At approximately the 19th minute of the broadcast, police officers approached Armstrong and asked if he was armed. The conversations between Armstrong, who stated that he did not have a weapon on him but had one in his car, and the police could barely be heard, and the broadcast went dark shortly after.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Cassie Wolfe, who was at the center of another personal dispute involving BitBoy Crypto’s co-founder and Armstrong, was also present in the vehicle. While Armstrong was explaining to the police officers, he said, “Cassie is the girl I’m in a relationship with. My wife knows. We were just at my daughter’s tennis match.”

Price of BEN Token Crashes After Arrest

Armstrong’s arrest resulted in a sharp decline of over 30% in the price of the altcoin project Ben (BEN) that he manages. The echoes of the live stream did not end there. Armstrong’s turbulent relationship with his former business partners and his controversial exit from the BitBoy Crypto brand, which raised concerns about substance abuse and financial problems, further amplified the effects of the incident.

While some figures from the crypto world suggest that this could be a well-planned marketing campaign, Armstrong’s silence on social media after his arrest suggests otherwise. The crypto community continues to follow the matter with curiosity, expecting news from one of the most controversial figures in the industry.

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