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DWF Labs Takes Significant Steps Towards Developing MovieBloc’s Innovative Platform

2:09 pm (12 days ago)
November 20, 2023

DWF Labs, a global digital asset marketplace maker and Web3 investment firm, has announced its partnership with MovieBloc in its efforts to develop an innovative platform. MovieBloc, dedicated to reshaping the film industry through blockchain technology, aims to bring transparency and equality to film distribution and overcome the challenges created by dominant ownership.

Empowering Film Producers with Blockchain Innovation

MovieBloc seeks to disrupt the traditional film industry structure known for vertical integration and dominant control. This dominance often results in biased screen allocation and limited content diversity. MovieBloc empowers film producers with transparent revenue sharing, insightful audience data, and equal representation opportunities through a decentralized platform. This move not only benefits creators but also provides viewers with access to diverse content beyond mainstream commercial options.

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The strategic collaboration between DWF Labs and MovieBloc goes beyond an initial partnership agreement. DWF Labs actively supports visionary founders committed to a community-focused future. In line with MovieBloc’s mission, DWF Labs leverages its extensive resources and network to enhance visibility and promote growth within MovieBloc’s creative ecosystem.

A representative from MovieBloc Foundation stated, “Developing our partnership with DWF Labs demonstrates a deepened commitment from our highly valued partner. This expanded strategic support will significantly accelerate our mission to decentralize the film industry, providing equal opportunities for content creators and diverse options for viewers. Together, the future of using blockchain technology to transform the film production industry looks promising!”

Increase in MovieBloc (MBL) Price

In the rapidly expanding content creation landscape, MovieBloc creates opportunities for storytellers and filmmakers as a real-world application of blockchain technology. While DWF Labs actively contributes to the platform’s growth, the partnership promises to shape the future of film distribution, embrace decentralization, and promote a more inclusive film industry.

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Following this development, MovieBloc’s cryptocurrency MBL experienced significant increases. According to CoinMarketCap data, the price rose by 12% to $0.005816. The current market capitalization of the altcoin stands at $174,474,000.

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