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Elon Musk’s AI Chatbot Grok Shares 2024 Predictions for Bitcoin, Solana, and El Hippo

2:19 pm (24 days ago)
November 16, 2023

Grok’s 2024 Prediction for Bitcoin and Solana

Grok analyzed the recent Bitcoin price movements and predicted that the largest cryptocurrency will reach its all-time high again in 2024. The AI chatbot also added that there are doubts about whether Bitcoin can reach a higher peak.

Referring to the increasing adoption, Bitcoin Ordinals hype, and the rise in institutional investments, Grok expects Bitcoin to climb to a range of $60,000 to $70,000 in 2024 as interest in the cryptocurrency market grows and FOMO builds. According to the AI, Bitcoin could reach much higher levels, but this depends on factors that are currently impossible to predict, such as the level of institutional interest and global regulation concerning the cryptocurrency market.

Grok also shared its prediction for Solana in 2024. In its evaluation of SOL, it stated that “Solana seems to be a real competitor for Ethereum in 2024” and added that the altcoin could reach its previous all-time high and even higher levels. Furthermore, it said, “Due to Solana’s low market value, if the project continues to target Ethereum’s share in the decentralized applications market in terms of usability, it may see a significant price increase.” Grok predicts that SOL will reach $350 in 2024.

Expecting 100x from El Hippo (HIPP)

El Hippo, a memecoin launched in August of this year, continues to attract the attention of investors. Being a relatively new altcoin project and one of the newest memecoins, there is less data available for Grok to analyze, making it difficult to make predictions and forecasts.

However, with a market value of only $5 million, El Hippo stands out as an altcoin on the rise compared to Bitcoin and Solana listed above, with the potential to reach the moon. In its evaluation of HIPP, Grok stated:

El Hippo’s price movement resembles the early stages of SHIB and PEPE, and if HIPP continues its upward trend, there will be a big explosion with significant growth. However, as a low-value altcoin, HIPP is also a highly risky investment.

Currently trading at $0.000000006655, HIPP has a wide range of maneuverability. Grok predicted that “if HIPP continues to gain attention on social media, it could reach $0.0000007 with an increase of more than 100x.” In addition, the El Hippo team draws attention by financing constant meme contests and airdrops, including a $700 giveaway every two weeks. This also increases the likelihood of price increases, as highlighted by Grok.

Of course, Grok’s predictions for BTC, SOL, and HIPP are mere forecasts. The AI’s only task here is to analyze data from previous price movements and make assumptions about possible future movements. Therefore, while all these predictions may make sense based on price history, they cannot be definitively accepted. Instead, they should be seen as interesting forecasts based on the types of analyses that public AI chatbots can perform.

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