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Expert Who Predicted Crypto Crash: These Four Are Gearing Up for a Rally! Reveals Bitcoin Forecast!

9:07 pm (68 days ago)
July 26, 2023

There are many analysts followed by cryptocurrency investors, and their successful past predictions are an important detail. The current comments of popular figures with accurate past predictions are also noteworthy. One of them is the anonymous crypto commentator using the pseudonym Bluntz, who made significant statements.

Predictions of Famous Crypto Commentator

Bluntz, the well-known analyst known by the pseudonym, says that the crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN), business analytics firm MicroStrategy (MSTR), mining company Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), and Riot Platforms (RIOT) stocks are ready for a rally after their corrective movements.

“Nice drops of 13-20% in all major crypto-focused stocks… I think this is a good point to expect upward reversals. It is not yet clear whether they are running their own races or leading the crypto.”

Bitcoin Expert’s Comment

The famous figure, who also shared his comment on Bitcoin, says that bulls can make a comeback and push the king of crypto above $29,700. According to the analyst, if they can achieve this, Bitcoin (BTC) can establish a new annual peak.

“Finally, we swept the low ranges. We also did not bring liquidations to very low levels, which is a good sign. For me, a four-hour closing above $29,700 will mean the start of a move above $32,000.”

When it comes to the smart contract platform Solana (SOL), the analyst believes that accumulating SOL Coin could be a good strategy when BTC surpasses $29,500 again. The commentator advises investors to wait for closures above this level for buying, as the price currently appears risky.

Bitcoin is currently finding buyers at $29,300. The direction of the price is expected to be determined after Powell’s evening statements. For now, the decrease in Bitcoin’s price is above DXY gains, and speculative movement is evident. Considering the accumulated short positions, BTC may surprise with an upward move in the coming hours.

In the opposite scenario, we may see a sharp drop to $26,500 after the levels of $28,800 and $28,500, for which the concerns of a recession in the market need to increase significantly.

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