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How to Buy Hedera Hashgraph Coin?

10:30 pm (23 days ago)
November 11, 2023

Hedera Hashgraph is a cryptocurrency and blockchain project that includes world-renowned companies such as IBM and Boeing on its board of directors. Initially making headlines with the claim of processing over 10,000 cryptocurrency transactions per second, HBAR Coin subsequently gained attention due to the explosive growth in the DeFi sector.

Introduced in March 2018 and garnering significant interest post its whitepaper release, Hedera Hashgraph, or Hedera Coin, came with the support of third-generation distributed ledger technologies (DLT) not present in other blockchain networks. Aiming to develop decentralized applications (DeFi) and enhance their transaction capacities, HBAR developers also aspire to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency payments, akin to the widespread use of credit or bank cards.

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

According to the developers of Hedera Hashgraph, the project was conceived to address the shortcomings of leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The developers emphasize the need for these to have significant transaction capacity for mainstream usage, considering it a major limitation.

Hedera Hash Graph

Hedera Coin, with a transaction capacity of over 10,000 per second, has certainly taken a significant step in addressing this shortfall. HBAR Coin, standing out in micro-payment sectors, has reached a substantial user base by enabling the transfer of even the smallest payments with almost no transaction fees. The high transaction costs and slow speeds in the recently booming DeFi sector appear to be a considerable advantage for HBAR.

HBAR Coin Review

Looking at reviews of HBAR Coin, it’s seen as the 66th largest cryptocurrency, with a total market value of 174 million dollars. HBAR, experiencing a 10% decline over the past 7 days, is trading at $0.029. The circulation of more than 6 billion HBARs could be a negative factor for investors.

The crypto exchange with the highest volume for HBAR Coin is observed to be Binance. So, how can HBAR Coin be purchased on Binance?

Where to Buy HBAR Coin?

So, what needs to be done to purchase HBAR Coin? HBAR Coin can be bought and sold on Binance, and users just need to follow these steps:

  • To buy HBAR, first deposit USD into the exchange or buy a cryptocurrency that can be used instead. To do this, go to the Binance homepage, click on the “Buy Crypto” option in the top left, and then select the “Credit/Bank Card” tab.
  • In the opened tab, select how much USD you want to transact with and choose Tether, i.e., USDT, in the Coin section.
  • After buying USDT, preview the “Buy-Sell” option again at the top left and click on the “Classic” tab.
  • In the opened section, select the USDT tab at the top right, enter HBAR in the search button, and select the HBAR/USDT pair that appears below.
  • Then go to the “BUY HBAR” tab in the middle, enter the amount you want to buy.
  • Enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction to complete the HBAR purchase.

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