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How to Buy Hyperion Coin?

11:50 pm (13 days ago)
November 18, 2023

Hyperion is a cryptocurrency and decentralized map platform with a purpose and project quite different from other DeFi projects. Aiming to present the world map in a decentralized manner with its “One Map” goal, the project also aims to make it globally accessible for free. Built on the Spatial Consensus Protocol, Hyperion not only transfers spatial information but also enables value transfer.

Hyperion aims to change and redefine how users utilize map services. The initial goal of Hyperion in this context is to make maps as decentralized and accessible as possible.

What is Hyperion Coin?

Hyperion Coin, once an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, changed this status after moving to its own network. Existing on two different layers, HYN Coin is known as the value transfer tool of the Hyperion ecosystem. As the project moves towards the “One Map” vision, the value of the HYN Token is also rising.

There is a privacy-focused system in the HYN Coin network, ensuring not only value transfer but also the privacy of these transfers. In addition to the global and real map application on mobile, location searches and similar transactions can be conducted. HYN Token holders can stake their cryptocurrencies to contribute to the network’s development and benefit from the price increase.

Hyperion Coin Reviews

Looking at Hyperion reviews, it is seen that it ranks 262nd in terms of total market value. In the last 24 hours, HYN has risen by 18.36%, reaching a price of $0.12. The recent transition to the main network has been influential in this, and the price of HYN continues to rise despite the surge of the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

The total circulating amount is 316,765,917 HYN, but the total supply is set at 10,000,000,000. This indicates that with the increasing value of HYN, new HYN Coins could be introduced to the market, and their locks could be opened. So, what should one do and which exchange should be used to purchase HYN Coin, which has a different purpose from other DeFi projects?

Where to Buy Hyperion Coin?

So, what should be done to purchase HYM Coin? HYM Coin can be bought and sold on BinanceDEX.

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