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Important Development in the 2,718 Bitcoin Bribery Scandal: Court Issues Arrest Warrant!

12:03 pm (60 days ago)
October 5, 2023

A high-level court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for former senior inspector Dmitry Gubin of the Tverskoy district, accusing him of receiving 2,718 BTC worth $74.45 million in bribes. According to information from the Telegram channel The Moscow Court, Gubin faces serious charges such as engaging in large-scale corruption under Article 290, Section 6 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code. Gubin is also accused of violating Section 1 of Article 286 by abusing his official powers.

Interpol Arrest Warrant Issued Against Him

Suspicions that Gubin fled the country led to an Interpol arrest warrant being issued. The latest development comes shortly after Kristina Lyakhovenko, who was Gubin’s subordinate, was arrested in September in connection with the same bribery case. Marat Tambiev, the former head of the investigation department of the Tverskoy District Committee, who has been in custody since 2022, is at the center of this scandal.

Investigators believe that the suspects established a criminal organization that received bribes from individuals involved in various criminal cases. The most notable bribe flow occurred in December 2021 when members of the “Infraud Organization” hacker group transferred 2,718.6 BTC to prevent the seizure of their alleged assets.

In July, a Moscow court seized Tambiev’s 1,032 BTC and transferred these assets to the state treasury as government revenue. Specifically, access codes for two cryptocurrency accounts hidden in a folder labeled “Retirement” on Tambiev’s computer were discovered. It is believed that Lyakhovenko and Gubin acquired the remaining cryptocurrencies.

Missing Bitcoins

Investigators also claim that the accused intentionally concealed the fact that there were no cryptocurrencies in their hacker wallet addresses by creating investigation reports stating that there were 5,212 BTC in these addresses.

Furthermore, this situation has raised concerns about the missing cryptocurrencies. State Attorney Vadim Bagaturia drew attention to the unexplained absence of 654 BTC in the bribery case. Bagaturia also highlighted various inconsistencies found during the analysis of handwritten notes on Tambiev’s computer, casting doubt on the reliability of the presented evidence.

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