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Justin Sun’s Statement on Poloniex Hack: Funds Safe and Hacker’s Identity Confirmed

3:08 pm (14 days ago)
November 18, 2023

In the world of cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin and altcoin exchange Poloniex recently fell victim to a cyber attack, resulting in the theft of over $110 million worth of crypto assets. Following this incident, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, made a statement reassuring users that their funds were secure. He also mentioned that a $10 million reward would be given if the hacker returned the stolen funds.

Justin Sun’s Important Statement

Today, Justin Sun made an important statement regarding the incident. The announcement was brought to light by Wu Blockchain. According to this, Justin Sun confirmed the identity of the hacker. He also mentioned the involvement of law enforcement from China, the United States, and Russia in the investigation.

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Furthermore, the statement stated that a $10 million white hat bounty would be offered if the stolen cryptocurrencies were returned before November 25, 2023. It is worth mentioning that previously, over $110 million worth of assets were stolen from Poloniex, and it was suspected that North Korean hackers were responsible for the incident, complicating the recovery process.

Peculiarities in the Statement

Although Justin Sun claimed that the hacker’s identity had been confirmed and law enforcement agencies from China, the United States, and Russia were involved, the mention of a reward for the return of funds until November 25, 2023, has raised some questions. If the identity has been established, there should be no need for such rewards. The message seems to aim at intimidating the hacker and ensuring the return of the funds.

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Another puzzling aspect of the message is the hidden meaning behind Justin Sun’s words. He reminds the hacker that all stolen funds are marked for tracking and emphasizes that they cannot be used. He also implies that any attempt to use the funds will result in them being frozen by the opposing party. These statements raise doubts about Justin Sun’s intentions. If the hacker’s identity has been confirmed, why make a statement about marking the funds for tracking? There is still time until November 25. Will the hacker be caught, or will they return the stolen cryptocurrencies?

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