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Bitcoin (BTC)

News, articles, analysis and research about Bitcoin and BTC can be accessed from this category.

Analyst Predicts Unprecedented Volatility for Bitcoin

Bitcoin shows signs of unusual volatility. Historical models challenge conventional expectations. Market sentiment influenced by past events.

Tether CEO Highlights Cryptocurrency Success Amid Mainstream Media Silence

Tether CEO points out media's silence on Bitcoin's success. El Salvador's Bitcoin investment is profitable despite criticism. A new citizenship program between Tether and El Salvador...

Glassnode Founders Predict Altcoin Rise

Founders of Glassnode predict an altcoin rise. Expect Bitcoin's volatility to increase. Believe total market value of cryptos could reach all-time high.

Time to Move: What Will Bitcoin’s Value Be After the Fed’s Decision?

Speculation about Bitcoin's future value post-Fed decision. Discussion on the impact of potential ETF approval. Insight into GBTC court case and its implications.

Analyst’s Insight into Bitcoin’s Crucial Stages of Growth

Bitcoin's growth cycles attract analysts. Bitcoin undergoes five key stages, reveals Doctor Profit. An insight into market dynamics and future expectations.

VanEck Predicts All-Time Highs for Bitcoin Despite Anticipated US Recession

VanEck forecasts US recession and Bitcoin's all-time high. Investment manager expects Bitcoin ETF approvals and halving event. Bitcoin's price could reach $160,000, according to report.

Bitcoin Expected to Reach USD 47-48k in the Short Term, USD 130k by 2025: Crypto Analyst

CryptoCon predicts Bitcoin to reach USD 47-48k soon. Bitcoin's major breakout predicted for 2025. Predictions based on current and past Bitcoin cycles.

The Decision Day for Bitcoin is Rapidly Approaching: Experts Unite on a Single Scenario

As Bitcoin crossed over $40,000 in the world of cryptocurrency, warnings began to emerge. Metrics indicated that the rally could be overheating. This situation...

Investment Giant Fidelity Discusses the Importance of Bitcoin in Portfolios and Potential SEC Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF

In a period where Bitcoin‘s price seems more likely to increase rather than decrease, Jurrien Timmer, the global macro director of financial giant Fidelity,...

Analyzing Bitcoin’s (BTC) Price Predictions: Insights from Matrixport and ETF Expectations

Bitcoin‘in (BTC) price prediction has not been very different from trying to find the answer in the pool of unknowns from past to present....

Bitcoin Price Predictions: What Do Analysts Say?

Bitcoin price is currently at $43,195 and after reaching an all-time high in the past year, profit-taking has re-emerged. It’s not surprising to see...

Bitcoin’s Low Supply on Central Exchanges and Potential Price Increase

Bitcoin (BTC) is hovering at the highest levels of the year, while a report from CryptoQuant shows that the supply on central exchanges is...

JPMorgan Expected to Make a Breakthrough with Spot Bitcoin ETF

Host of the ETF Prime podcast and co-founder of the ETF Institute, Nate Geraci, made a statement on Thursday. In his statement, he mentioned...

Bitcoin Price Exceeds $44,000 After Theft from Bitfinex Exchange

Bitcoin price has surpassed $44,000 after purchases made by individual and institutional investors, and open interest (OI) continues to rise. Traders and analysts are...

John Bollinger, Creator of Bollinger Bands, Forewarns of Potential Bitcoin Peak in Latest Analysis

Bollinger Bands’ın (BB) inventor, trading legend John Bollinger made a remarkable comment on the latest valuation of Bitcoin (BTC) by stating that the “peak...

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