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The category where you can follow the latest news, latest developments, guides, articles and reviews about Bitcoin, where you can follow the latest articles about Bitcoin on COINTURK NEWS.

Microstrategy’s Bitcoin Standard Adoption: A Game Changer

Microstrategy adopted the Bitcoin standard in August 2020. CEO shares a significant performance comparison graphic. The company's growth has outpaced multiple investment alternatives.

A Smart Whale Makes Strategic Moves in the Cryptocurrency Market

A smart whale deposits significant Bitcoin on Binance. The move signifies a proven profitable strategy. The whale exhibits a keen ability to navigate Bitcoin's price fluctuations.

The Importance of BRC-20 for the Future of Cryptocurrency

Being prepared for new trends is crucial. BRC-20 plays a significant role in this regard. Understanding why BRC-20 is important for the future.

Bitcoin Surges, Leaving Analysts in Surprise: Key Developments on the Rise

Bitcoin price peaks, surprising analysts. Several exciting developments for investors. Signs of upcoming ETF approval spark interest.

Bitcoin’s Future: Predictions for 2024

Bitcoin surpasses $44,000, future predictions vary. Analysts predict further rise, potential correction. Investors warned about high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The Potential Danger Ahead for Cryptocurrency Investors

Optimism for cryptocurrency performance. Potential approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF. Investors must be prepared for all possibilities.

Jack Dorsey’s Financial Payment Processor Block Launches Bitcoin Wallet

The financial payment processor founded by Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, Block, announced the release of a Bitcoin wallet. The developers of...

Sam Altman and the Launch of a $100 Million Crypto Fund

As the world’s largest asset managers enter the race to launch products related to cryptocurrencies, Sam Altman is not left behind. Meanwhile, supported by...

The Latest Situation in the Cryptocurrency Market

The king cryptocurrency is moving away from the $44,000 level and fell below $43,000 in the last 24 hours. However, expectations are growing that...

Bitcoin Developer’s Criticism of Ordinals and BRC-20 Tokens

The attention-grabbing comments continue to come about the Ordinals area, which entered our lives in May and became increasingly popular over time. According to...

Bitcoin Developer Nostr Assets Suspends Deposits Amidst Record User Activity

The rising trend in the cryptocurrency market has caused difficulties for many platforms, including Bitcoin infrastructure developer Nostr Assets, which announced the suspension of...

Cryptocurrency Markets Surge as ETF Hopes Rise

Leading cryptocurrency crosses $42,000 again. Bitwise ETF update hints at SEC's warming stance. BlackRock updates its spot Bitcoin ETF filing.

Crypto Investors’ High Expectations for 2024

Investors anticipate major developments in the crypto world by 2024. Interest grows as key dates for potential ETF approvals approach. ...

El Salvador’s Profitable Bitcoin Strategy Amidst the Crypto Turmoil

After a harsh downturn, BTC's recovery brings smiles. President Bukele remains steadfast in Bitcoin investment. ...

Bitcoin’s Rally Toward New Peaks: An Analysis of Recent Market Optimism

The royal cryptocurrency made an impressive start to December as well. BTC’s price rose to the brink of $39,000. Following the settlement related to...

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