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LayerZero Takes a Historic Step Towards Airdrop: Arbitrum Follows Suit

7:33 pm (49 days ago)
August 3, 2023

LayerZero, which enables NFT and token transfers between layers, took a historic step today. LayerZero, which has been on the radar of airdrop hunters for a while now, was expected to reach 50 million transfer transactions. LayerZero, which reached this number days ago, took a very important step today. The move came from the LayerZero team before the Arbitrum airdrop.

Following the Path of Arbitrum

The long-awaited Arbitrum airdrop had caused a lot of buzz and controversy. The fact that sybil wallets were not eliminated and the airdrop event took place very quickly had drawn criticism towards the team. However, a money transfer made by the team five days before the airdrop announcement had caught the attention of crypto investors and the predictions turned out to be correct.

Crypto analysis platform Atoms Research announced today in a tweet that the LayerZero team sent $1 million to market maker Wintermute. It was also reported that this payment was most likely made for market-making services for the upcoming token.

The Arbitrum team had made a money transfer to market maker Wintermute before the airdrop announcement. Thus, it was intended to prevent any negative impact on the price of ARB that could occur in the market, and this was successfully achieved despite the collapse of the Arbitrum network.

What Could the Airdrop Criteria Be?

LayerZero will be as generous in the airdrop as it has been in its previous events and agreements. However, after the Arbitrum airdrop, users using multiple wallets will force LayerZero to be selective in determining the criteria. It is predicted that criteria such as users using more than five networks on LayerZero platforms, having a volume of over $1000, and the first transaction being made 90 days ago will stand out.

After the Arbitrum airdrop, it became clear that airdrop events are a lifeline for users and the industry in the crypto sector. Therefore, investors prioritized trading on LayerZero platforms and this stood out in the data announced by LayerZero.

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