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Litecoin’s LITE Token Listed on, Showing Strong Support After Halving Event

9:24 pm (43 days ago)
August 9, 2023

Litecoin (LTC), is reaping the benefits of its halving event as it demonstrates its support by listing LITE, one of the tokens built on the protocol known as LTC-20, on a major marketplace.

LITE Listed on

Litecoin’s LITE token has made a mega-listing on, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms known for supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin has maintained its position as one of the most famous Layer-1 protocols throughout the year.

The introduction of LITE in a new market demonstrates Litecoin’s ability to showcase innovative cryptocurrencies and can be seen as a way to expand accessibility to new users in different regions.

According to an update from, the LITE/USDT pair is now ready to trade on its platform, joining hundreds of other tokens accessible to millions of users. As Litecoin continues to evolve as a hub for token innovation, the global acceptance of LITE is not only promising for Litecoin itself but also reaffirms the potential of Ordinals, a new development that surrounds the Bitcoin ecosystem and other platforms exploring this innovation.

Litecoin Halving and Current Status

The listing of LITE could be one of the most significant gains from Litecoin’s recent halving event. However, these movements may not necessarily be the minimum required by the protocol to be recorded.

It was stated that the halving event would be a catalyst for growth in terms of price movement for LTC. Despite significant price predictions already acknowledged by top market analysts, Litecoin is currently trading at $83.54, showing only a 2.61% increase in the last 24 hours as of the time of writing.

Although LTC may not be performing as expected after the halving, market experts suggest that the price growth of the cryptocurrency will gain momentum as most bullish predictions are expected to play out in the medium to long term.

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