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Lufthansa, Launches NFT Loyalty Program on Polygon

4:25 pm (96 days ago)
August 31, 2023

Lufthansa, one of Europe’s largest airline groups, has launched an NFT loyalty program on the Polygon network. The program will allow passengers to convert their travels into NFTs that can unlock rewards such as miles and airport lounge access coupons. This Web3-focused innovation is part of Lufthansa’s digitalization efforts and contributes to the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies in the airline industry.

Significant Benefits for Passengers

On August 31st, Lufthansa announced the Uptrip mobile application, a project by Lufthansa Innovation Hub, the airline group’s digital innovation unit, and Miles & More, the airline’s frequent flyer program.

According to the announcement, airline passengers can scan their boarding passes using the application and exchange them for NFT cards. Users need to connect their crypto wallets to mint and transfer their Uptrip NFTs within the application. When passengers complete specific NFT collection pieces, they will be eligible to receive rewards such as flight upgrades, airport lounge access, frequent flyer status, or mileage rewards.

Uptrip Already Gaining Attention

Kristian Weymar, a manager at Lufthansa Innovation Hub, stated that Web3 is still in its early stages and users are curious but hesitant to get involved. Weymar emphasized that the project aims to make Web3 accessible to customers. According to Christopher Siegloch, Program Development Manager at Miles & More, there is significant interest in Uptrip. The announcement mentioned that over 20,000 registrations have been made and users have minted over 200,000 NFTs.

Earlier this year, Lufthansa expressed interest in integrating Web3 technologies into its business. Johannes Walter from Lufthansa Group stated in an interview on May 12th that decentralization and tokenization will bring opportunities for new business models. Meanwhile, other players in the airline industry are also announcing their intentions to implement Web3 in their operations. Emirates, the largest airline company in the United Arab Emirates, has revealed plans to accept Bitcoin payments and launch an NFT program in 2022.

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