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Ron DeSantis Advocates for Cryptocurrencies: Vote for Me!

2:57 am (126 days ago)
August 1, 2023


We have been discussing a significant event related to the 2024 US elections since the beginning of this year, and it is now happening. Crypto investors are not just virtual characters who transact on the blockchain or open positions on centralized exchanges. They also exist in real life and have the right to vote.

The race for internal candidates for the 2024 US Presidential elections has begun. Despite his advancing age, Biden signals that he will not give up his seat, while former President Trump is fighting to regain his position. Currently, Trump appears to be well ahead within his own party, the Republicans.

The presidential election will take place next year, and cryptocurrencies will play a significant role. Especially the idea promoted by Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, is related to the political inclinations of crypto investors. According to surveys, the number of crypto investors in the US is not negligible. Moreover, they can vote. This means that politicians who demand votes by discussing individual gun ownership, abortion, LGBT rights, and other issues will also have to consider crypto investors.

For now, Democrat representative Biden has taken a contrasting stance on cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it will be difficult for concerned voters with substantial crypto investments to support him. So, who will defend the rights of cryptocurrencies? Certainly, the Republicans, as DeSantis did today.

DeSantis and Bitcoin

Today, DeSantis practically said, “Choose me for cryptocurrencies.” Perhaps the potential Republican candidate next year will turn this into a real slogan? Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida and a presidential candidate, said that if elected, he would stop the alleged attacks by the Biden administration on the crypto industry on his first day in office.

DeSantis attended an event in New Hampshire today, where he said, “When I become president, Biden’s war against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will end.” The Republican, who previously expressed support for the right to use Bitcoin, reiterated his neutral stance on technology and his opposition to CBDCs.

The Biden administration has a clear negative discriminatory stance on crypto. Recently, members of Congress criticized the White House for refusing to negotiate on such issues, as Representative Patrick McHenry attempted to push legislation for more clarity.

Like DeSantis, other presidential candidates, including Francis Suarez and Robert Kennedy Jr., have also widely publicized their support for Bitcoin.

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