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Shiba Inu Reclaims AAA Rating from Certik: Will SHIB Rally?

6:08 pm (192 days ago)
May 30, 2023

The leading blockchain security and auditing platform, Certik, has reinstated Shiba Inu’s AAA rating, raising its Skynet Security Score to 94.05. This enhancement has propelled Shiba Inu’s ranking on the Certik Security Leadership Board from 51st to 33rd place. 

Update on Shiba Inu

Certik integrates over 15 signals to assess security performance across six categories: Code Security, Basic Health, Operational Flexibility, Community Trust, Market Stability, and Governance Strength. Shiba Inu scored above 91 in all six categories, with particularly high marks in Governance Strength and Market Stability, scoring 97 and 96, respectively. 

The Shiba Inu community previously voiced concerns following the loss of the project’s AAA rating. To address this, Certik announced an AMA meeting seeking clarity on developments, community trust, and stability for Shiba Inu. The Shiba Inu team confirmed that the progress with Shibarium was going well and that the mainnet would be launched soon. They also shared updates on ShibaSwap 2.0 and other projects. 

Will SHIB Rise?

The recent rating drop was believed to be caused by various factors, including potential delays in the Shibarium launch, declines in SHIB burns, and a dip in the SHIB price. 

BONE, which serves as the gas token for the Shibarium network, saw over a 10% rise this week in anticipation of Shibarium developments. Currently, the BONE price stands at $0.83. Meanwhile, the SHIB price experienced a slight decrease of over 1% in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.0000086. The meme coin has seen a steep 15% drop this month. However, any potential surge in Bitcoin prices in the coming weeks could boost investor optimism for a Shiba Inu rally. 

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