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What is Moviebloc?

11:43 am (16 days ago)
November 18, 2023

Co-founded by Chris Kang, Jeffrey Jin, and Peter Kim, MovieBloc is an ICO project operated by the Korean video streaming platform Pandora.tv. In other words, MovieBloc is a decentralized film and content distribution platform.

Here, we will cover topics like “MBL coin on Binance, MBL/USDT, where to buy MBL coin”.

What is MovieBloc Coin?

MovieBloc coin is the native token of the MovieBloc platform. Abbreviated as MBL, the token is used for economic activities on the platform. On the MovieBloc platform, premium users who watch content, content creators who pay translators, users who make donations to other participants, and reward distributions use the MBL token.

On the other hand, MovieBloc’s goal is to solve the problems caused by the control of the theater and home entertainment industries by large corporations, using Blockchain technology. Through the platform, content creators will gain transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal exhibition opportunities. Viewers will have access to a variety of films and content and will be rewarded for providing curation, subtitles, and marketing materials to the community. Currently, more than 100 films and series are being showcased on MovieBloc. In the long term, MovieBloc aims to create the largest participant-focused film ecosystem.

In addition, anyone who creates an independent film or holds intellectual property rights in a particular country can upload a film to the platform and earn money. The price of the film is determined by the person uploading it. According to announcements, earning money from short films as paid films can be challenging, so releasing short films for free might be a more appropriate option. At this point, it is stated that users can still earn money through advertisements even if they release for free.

In addition, it is stated in the announcements that the earned MBL tokens will be deposited in USDT wallets. Therefore, MBL/USDT is an important trading pair for users. Additionally, according to the statements, both card and ad payments are made in a 24-hour cycle with a 14-day term.

What is MBL Coin?

MBL Coin is the cryptocurrency of the MovieBloc project. Users need to own MBL tokens to have voting rights on the platform. Before answering questions like “Where to buy MBL coin?”, it’s beneficial to look at the current figures.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the MBL token was trading at $0.0015 at the time the article was prepared. It’s also worth mentioning that the MBL token saw its lowest level on March 13, 2020, at $0.0007, and its record level on February 18, 2020, at $0.0061.

Additionally, with a trading volume of $13,170,893, the MBL token ranks 439th in terms of market value and is trading against Bitcoin (BTC) at 0.00000013 BTC. It’s also stated that the current circulating supply of MBL coin is 8,646,668,853 and the total supply will reach 30,000,000,000 MBL.

MBL Coin Review

Like most tokens, MBL coin attracted considerable attention following its listing on Binance. Also, being a video platform has increased interest in MovieBloc. According to statements, due to the platform’s promising future, demand for MBL could increase in the coming months. This could lead to price increases.

However, it’s also worth noting that investors are cautious due to it being a new platform and token.

How to Buy MBL Coin?

You can quickly purchase MBL coin with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of trading volume.

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