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What is WINk Coin?

3:00 pm (35 days ago)
November 1, 2023

One of the standout Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) projects of 2019, WINk, set out with the aim of being a blockchain-based gaming platform. WINk Coin is the cryptocurrency of this blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, boasting numerous features and exclusive benefits for its investors.

What is WIN Coin?

The WINk project allows users to play various betting and gambling games across different blockchain networks while ensuring a completely transparent environment.

Payments within the WINk ecosystem are entirely transparent, irreversible, and automatic, which seems to be an extra advantage for gaming enthusiasts. Although the WINk developers initially entered the market with a focus on betting and gambling, they are now advancing in developing decentralized gaming applications on the platform and have taken several important steps in this direction.

Unlike many dApps, WIN Coin is based not on Ethereum but on the Tron network. The developers of the WIN Coin project aim to bring auditable and controllable smart contracts to the games being developed and have accelerated their efforts in this area. Using WIN Coin for in-game rewards or payments directly provides a clear use case for the project’s cryptocurrency and the potential for an increase in value.

The token distribution model of WIN WINk coin has been explained in a very transparent manner. The distribution of tokens for the WINK project is as follows:

  • Team Expenses: 55%
  • Marketing and Advertising: 15%
  • Legal Processes and Licensing: 13%
  • Operational Costs: 5%
  • Partnerships and Community Development: 5%
  • Equipment and Software: 4%
  • Product Development: 4%

The Future of WINk Coin

WINk Coin is already considered one of the leading cryptocurrency projects, a status achieved by implementing the steps in its roadmap one by one. With an average daily volume of $10 million and hosting over 4,000 active users, the most popular games on WINk are listed as follows:

  • Dice
  • Moon
  • Rings & Duel
  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • Poker

In fact, most decentralized applications on the Tron network are concentrated on gambling and betting platforms. Considering the evergreen nature of this sector and the addition of blockchain, the technology of the future, predictions suggest that WINk coin could continue to rise. Another factor that will influence the future of the WIN WINk coin project are the partnerships planned for 2020.

A recent announcement by the WINk team indicated that partnerships with major European football clubs would be signed in 2020. Additionally, the Gaming DApps project, which is expected to positively impact the project’s future, is also slated to launch this year. The Tron network-based WINk Coin, supported by the BitTorrent ecosystem, is seen very positively with all these factors considered.

WIN Coin Commentary

At the time of writing this article, WIN Coin is trading at $0.000080 on Binance. Looking at the comments on WIN Coin, which is among the top 200 cryptocurrencies, it is emphasized that it is one of the projects that could rise with the growth of the DeFi sector.

If the WIN Coin team continues to operate in the niche and critical sector of blockchain-based gaming and gambling, the project could achieve more frequent recognition.

Purchasing WIN Coin

WIN coin can be easily purchased on Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. WIN Coin was launched through an IEO on Binance and still sees the highest trading volume on this exchange.

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