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XRP Lawsuit: Famous Lawyer Deaton Predicts No More Trial in Ripple Case

2:33 pm (59 days ago)
October 6, 2023

John Deaton, one of the biggest supporters of Ripple in the ongoing case between SEC and Ripple, shared his prediction that there will be no trial regarding the unresolved XRP case. According to experts interpreting the matter, Deaton’s opinion is based on Judge Analisa Torres recently rejecting the appeal request.

Commentary on the XRP Lawsuit

As we reported recently, Judge Analisa Torres, who is presiding over the case between Ripple and SEC, rejected SEC’s appeal request. With this rejection, SEC’s hopes may have been dashed. At the time of this decision, cases involving prominent figures of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larson, were ongoing (and still are). The interpretation of the decision was that it was a clear ruling in favor of SEC, according to the application made by SEC.

During an interview with Think Crypto on Wednesday, Deaton emphasized the significance of the rejection ruling by the judge. Deaton stated that SEC’s early appeal request was essentially a challenge to Judge Torres’ July decision.

Deaton also highlighted that SEC’s position is weakening. As examples to illustrate this, he mentioned Judge Torres’ rejection of the appeal and the potential trial date postponed to April 2024.

XRP Commentary: No More Trial in the Case

Deaton was also asked about his thoughts on the possible trial date. Deaton clearly expressed his belief that there will not be another trial in the ongoing case between SEC and Ripple. According to Deaton, the rejection ruling by Judge Torres has already weakened SEC’s position and diminished expectations of a new trial. Deaton stated:

I don’t think there will be a trial… They will lose. Do they really want all this drama of Hinman events and a trial?

Furthermore, Deaton touched on another topic. The experienced lawyer, also referring to the lawsuits filed by SEC against Coinbase and Binance, pointed out that the institution is not fighting in just one front.

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