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Copy Trading Feature Coming to Binance Futures

11:34 am (43 days ago)
August 22, 2023

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance‘s futures trading arm, Binance Futures, has announced that it will gradually introduce the much-desired Copy Trading feature, which many cryptocurrency exchanges offer, starting today.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that its futures trading arm, Binance Futures, will begin gradually offering the Copy Trading feature starting from 15:00 GMT today. Users of the cryptocurrency exchange have been requesting the introduction of this feature for a long time.

This feature, offered by many leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitget, OKX, and, allows users to automatically copy the real-time trading transactions of experienced cryptocurrency investors.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading, also known as Copy Trading, is a strategy used in financial markets. This strategy allows investors to automatically copy the transactions or investment decisions of another investor. In this way, they try to potentially make a profit by using the strategies of an experienced investor. Copy Trading is particularly popular on online trading platforms and social trading networks.

Copy Trading has many advantages. It acts as a suitable option for inexperienced investors by allowing them to follow the strategies of experienced investors in financial markets. Investors can save time by reducing the need to constantly monitor or analyze the market. Furthermore, users find the opportunity to diversify their investments by following different investors.

Of course, Copy Trading also has some risks and disadvantages. The investors being followed may not always make the right decisions. This means that users may be exposed to the consequences of a bad investment. Each investor’s risk tolerance is different. Another investor’s strategy may not be suitable for the user’s risk profile. Some trading platforms charge additional fees for Copy Trading services, which increases costs.

Despite some drawbacks, Copy Trading stands out as an attractive option, especially for those who are inexperienced in financial markets. A careful evaluation should be made when choosing a Copy Trading platform or investor, and investors should be diversified.

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