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Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin as Safe Havens: Insights from Robert Kiyosaki

11:04 am (49 days ago)
August 16, 2023

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and an entrepreneur, reiterated the benefits of gold, silver, and Bitcoin as insurance against the uncertainty and turmoil caused by governments. Speaking on the Daniela Cambone Show, Kiyosaki argued that investing in tangible assets such as gold and silver is preferable to exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as these assets tend to significantly increase in value during periods of uncertainty.

Pay Attention to Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin as Safe Havens

Robert Kiyosaki, who has long advocated for investing in alternative assets like silver, highlighted silver as the best long-term investment during his appearance on the Daniela Cambone Show. The renowned entrepreneur added that both silver and Bitcoin are expected to experience significant growth, emphasizing the need to purchase physical gold and silver instead of ETFs.

According to Kiyosaki, assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin emerge as the ideal investment tools to navigate periods of high volatility and increased uncertainty, with the belief that the prices of gold and silver will skyrocket in the event of a stock and bond market collapse. Kiyosaki also mentioned his expectation for Bitcoin to reach $100,000 amidst growing global economic tensions.

Expressing his skepticism towards the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and Wall Street, Kiyosaki emphasized the importance of not accumulating US dollars and avoiding bonds if others share the same lack of trust in these institutions.

Kiyosaki recently warned on his personal Twitter account, predicting that Bitcoin would rise to $100,000 and stating that he has long believed in gold and silver as “God’s money.” The entrepreneur cautioned against potential collapses in the stock and bond markets, expecting both gold and silver to reach unprecedented levels, while predicting that those who invest in the US dollar will suffer the most.

The Current Status of Bitcoin’s Price

According to CoinMarketCap data, Bitcoin is currently trading at $29,155, experiencing a 0.68% decrease in the last 24 hours. With a market capitalization of $567.3 billion, the largest cryptocurrency has generated a trading volume of $12.16 billion in the last 24 hours. Technically, the nearest support level for the price of the largest cryptocurrency is around $29,000.

While market observers acknowledge that Bitcoin being below the $30,000 mark is negative, they highlight the positive aspect of the price being above the support level of around $29,000, suggesting that if the upward momentum continues, the critical threshold of $30,000 could be surpassed.

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