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TinyTap Introduces New AI and NFT Tools for Personalized Education

6:55 pm (97 days ago)
August 30, 2023

TinyTap, an educational technology subsidiary of Web3 developer Animoca Brands, announced the integration of new artificial intelligence (AI) and NFT tools for educators and parents on August 30th. This technology aims to provide personalized learning experiences for every child and the company also announced its collaboration with Open Campus to enhance the role of NFTs in education.

Technology that Creates Games in Minutes

The integration of artificial intelligence will now allow educators and users of the platform to create educational games through a real-time information request and the platform will generate the game within minutes. Additionally, a software that enables the creation of dynamic educational images to enhance games and graphics was also introduced.

TinyTap states that its system benefits from over a decade’s worth of data, consisting of over 250,000 games, millions of activities, and more than 170 million plays, to create AI tools. Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, spoke about TinyTap, saying:

“As we further develop our AI integration, we aim to create engaging and fun TinyTap games by generating complete information requests.”

According to the CEO of TinyTap, these tools will facilitate content creation and expedite access, ultimately providing personalized learning experiences for teachers and parents. The company’s roadmap also includes an artificial intelligence tool called “Practice Anywhere,” which transforms existing media data, such as educational YouTube videos, into content and games.

Partnership with Open Campus

Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, stated that artificial intelligence offers tremendous opportunities for educational technology and that more efficiently generated content means a larger library of education for educators and parents.

“Teachers are some of the world’s largest content creators with year-long curriculum divided into daily lessons.”

In addition to AI tools, the company will partner with Open Campus starting from the fourth quarter of this year to transform TinyTap games created by NFT holders and EDU token holders into NFTs. Thought leaders within and outside the Web3 space emphasize the approaching future of a smart education system infused with blockchain companies, decentralized autonomous organizations, NFTs, and artificial intelligence components.

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