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ADA Coin Analysis: Price Drops and Future Expectations

12:34 am (35 days ago)
August 18, 2023

The ongoing decline in the price of Bitcoin has prompted investors to reduce their risks. The king of crypto has lost critical support, and the unsurprising drop suggests that a deeper bottom may occur in the coming days. On the other hand, most altcoins that have been experiencing a downward trend for weeks are heading towards new annual lows.

ADA Coin Review

In the bull season of 2021, ADA Coin saw a price increase of 1597% within 9 months, reaching its peak at $3.1. ADA Coin investors were extremely excited during those days as the implementation of smart contract capabilities on the network was expected. After becoming the largest PoS-based smart contract platform (in terms of market value) with the help of major updates, Cardano had to overcome significant obstacles.

The difficulty of the Haskell language, Hoskinson’s lack of sufficient attention to Cardano, the increase in the number of competitors, and the lack of popular applications on the network have resulted in a steady decline in price. With today’s sales, the price of ADA Coin has dropped to $0.27.

At the time of writing, Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA Coin, is trading near the midpoint of a long-term range. It reached that point after a rejection from the top of this range in July. This rejection was confirmed after the price lost an upward support line.

ADA Coin Chart Analysis

The weekly timeframe technical analysis shows that ADA was rejected by the $0.38 horizontal resistance area in July. This rejection created a long wick that reflected selling pressure. Furthermore, it initiated a continued downward movement. The nearest support area is around $0.25, which is close to the year’s lowest levels. Despite the increase in TVL of the Cardano network this year, the price continues to fall without paying attention to it.

Currently, the ADA price is trading above the $0.25 horizontal support area, at $0.27. It is worth mentioning that Cardano whales have withdrawn $29 million in the past 7 days, and network activity has steadily decreased in July.

In the short term, the 6-hour chart confirms the downward trend. The target here is also $0.25. If the BTC decline continues, we may see a new bottom towards $0.25 or even $0.2. In the opposite scenario, the targets could be $0.3 and $0.33. For now, the overall market sentiment suggests that the southward movement may encounter fewer obstacles.

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