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Beware of Cryptocurrency Scams: Binance CEO Warns Against Fake Projects

10:37 am (69 days ago)
September 28, 2023

With the rise of the internet, scams have become easier in every field, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. For instance, someone who reaches out to you through your social media account can easily deceive you with various social engineering methods. Similarly, a crypto token issuer can convince you to buy their tokens through false claims.

Binance CEO’s Friend’s Project

If you make your crypto investment decisions based on social media posts, it can be quite challenging. Distinguishing truth from falsehood is extremely difficult on social media. Moreover, misleading information, distortions, and many other tactics are widespread. When someone claims to be a friend of CZ and says that their project will soon be listed on the exchange, you can easily fall for it.

Although this may seem ridiculous at first glance, I have personally witnessed numerous incidents where large crowds fell for this story. The story is simple: you share a photo of yourself with CZ and write “my dear friend” or “we discussed important matters today.” People then assume that the useless token you issued is a worthwhile investment because you are “CZ’s friend.”

Binance CEO’s Warning

Just a few minutes ago, CZ issued a warning about this. We have already published numerous warnings because many people have fallen victim to similar methods in the past. In our articles about the altcoins that will be listed on Binance exchange, we always stated that “it is impossible to know the listings in advance.” A quick side note, it is predictable that projects invested in by the Binance exchange or large airdrops will be listed on the exchange in advance. However, the chances of predicting this for tokens traded on secondary markets are very low.

After that, we talked about how those who claim on social media that a listing will occur (if it is going to happen) are lying. Binance is very strict about this, and they stated clearly last year that they will mark projects where such rumors intensify and will never list them in the future.

So far, everything is perfect, and we have now learned that CZ’s friend’s crypto project does not exist. Now, let’s see what CZ has to say;

“Do not believe when people show you a selfie and claim that they are close to CZ or Binance, etc. I am not a networker, and I have very few close friends. I take a lot of selfies with people.

I have probably taken selfies with more than 10,000 people by now. I take selfies with almost everyone who asks me at events.

We have a process where a “trainee” in our team helps people line up, takes their phones, gives them to another “trainee photographer,” and they take a photo in less than 3 seconds. We can easily complete 300 selfies within 15-20 minutes. It only takes around 30 events to reach 10,000 selfies. I have attended more events than this in just the past year, not to mention previous years.”

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