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Binance Removes 14 Trading Pairs: Here Are the Details

11:37 am (72 days ago)
September 27, 2023

Crypto exchange Binance continues to periodically review and remove all listed trading pairs on the spot to protect users and maintain a high-quality trading market. Binance recently announced that 14 trading pairs will be delisted for 14 altcoins. Here are the details.

The major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that trading activities for 14 trading pairs listed on the spot will be discontinued due to various factors such as low liquidity and volume.

According to the announcement from the cryptocurrency exchange, the ALICE/BUSD, AVA/BUSD, BICO/BUSD, CLV/BUSD, DEGO/BUSD, GLM/BUSD, KSM/BUSD, and WAXP/BUSD trading pairs will be delisted at 08:00 AM (UTC) on September 29th. Furthermore, at 10:00 AM (UTC) on the same day, the XTZ/BUSD, BNB/BIDR, DOGE/BIDR, SOL/BIDR, TKO/BIDR, and XRP/BIDR trading pairs will be delisted, and trading activities will be halted.

Why Does Binance Delist a Trading Pair?

Binance conducts periodic reviews based on the Listing Removal Guidelines for each listed cryptocurrency and spot/margin trading pair to protect its users and ensure that listed cryptocurrencies and trading pairs meet the high standards expected.

The cryptocurrency exchange regularly communicates with the teams behind listed cryptocurrency projects to understand the latest developments, such as product roadmaps and team changes. This includes both positive and negative changes, such as unexpected deviations from the original plans of a project team. During major market events, Binance also monitors these project teams to understand how they are affected. If a project team encounters an event (e.g., a project is attacked), Binance also reaches out to learn if any support is needed. Following the event, Binance reviews how the project team handled the situation and whether appropriate measures were taken to prevent similar incidents.

Furthermore, Binance always welcomes and values user feedback and suggestions. In addition to the mentioned reviews, investigations are initiated if there are numerous complaints about a listed cryptocurrency, and the evaluation of whether the listed cryptocurrencies meet Binance’s standards takes place.

When a listed cryptocurrency or spot/margin trading pair fails to meet the expected standards, Binance conducts a more in-depth review and potentially delists the cryptocurrency or spot/margin trading pair to protect the interests of users. The removal of these trading pairs is based on periodic reviews conducted according to the Listing Removal Guidelines.

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