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Bitcoin Mega Rise Call: 135 Percent

12:45 pm (48 days ago)
August 10, 2023

CredibleCrypto, the anonymous cryptocurrency analyst and trader closely followed by cryptocurrency investors, predicted that crypto king Bitcoin (BTC) will make a triple-digit rally in the coming months. Here is the analyst’s mega rise forecast for BTC.

Bitcoin Mega Rise Call: 135 Percent

CredibleCrypto, the anonymous cryptocurrency analyst, announced that he expects Bitcoin to reach above $70,000 this year. The analyst’s forecast implies that the largest cryptocurrency will experience a mega rise of approximately 135 percent from current prices. While sharing his bullish prediction for Bitcoin, the analyst stated, “If it wasn’t clear, I’m saying it to make it clear. I expect Bitcoin to surpass $70,000 and go even higher this year.”

According to the analyst, investors may go through significant patience tests before this major Bitcoin rally. CredibleCrypto stated that the price could move within a narrow range before the expected rally and said:

We have obtained the power necessary for the price to bounce from $29,000, and it made the expected bounce. This could be our bottom level. It is still said that this move so far looks corrective and there could be sharp declines in lower time frames. Therefore, if there are pullbacks that investors will be shaken off before the start of a major rise, it should not be surprising, but do not miss the big picture here, and if we go a little lower from here, do not immediately expect a decline. Every pullback above $25,000 is a buying opportunity.

Expecting the Breakout Above $100,000 in BTC

CredibleCrypto expects Bitcoin to break the all-time high (ATH), which was recorded around $69,000 in November 2021, and expects the breakout to happen above $100,000.

The analyst said, “The level I am waiting for the end of the price movement where we break and surpass the previous all-time high is $100,000 and above. This rise will occur a few months after we break and surpass the all-time high. If we break the all-time high this year, we can surpass $100,000 and go above it either this year or at the beginning of next year.”

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