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Hong Kong’s Approach to Cryptocurrencies and Its Impact on the Industry

12:35 pm (77 days ago)
September 24, 2023

In June, rules were implemented to allow cryptocurrency exchange services for individual investors in the region. This is a great development for Hong Kong, as it is the financial center of the region and has shown a favorable approach to cryptocurrencies. However, the presence of bad actors in the industry has also caused trouble there.

Hong Kong and Cryptocurrencies

Every downfall and every bad actor in the industry negatively affects the future of cryptocurrencies. With global regulations still not fully matured, the perception of crypto is continuously affected by such incidents. Following the FTX crash, politicians in the United States started accumulating anger towards crypto, and now a new exploitation has occurred in Hong Kong.

The previously mentioned JPEX incident continues to dominate the agenda in the region. The exchange’s officials are avoiding surrendering to justice, and there are suspicions that the founder is in Australia. Turkey had a similar experience with Thodex. Fatih Özer escaped to the Balkans and was eventually extradited to Turkey after a long period. However, he arrived penniless, and the losses of the victims were not fully compensated.

Impact on Regulations

The identities of the individuals behind the exchange have yet to be determined. Reports indicate that the arrested 11 individuals were likely mid-level participants who may not have fully understood the magnitude of the fraud.

Among the arrested and interrogated are social media influencer Joseph Lam Chok, YouTubers Chan Wing-yee and Chu Ka-fai, and employees of JPEX Technical Support Company, which was later renamed Web 3.0 Technical Support.

In addition to these arrests, law enforcement authorities have also questioned celebrities involved in the exchange’s promotional activities, such as Julian Cheung Chi-lam, Jacqueline Ch’ng Se Min, and Clement Chan Ting-bong. A reliable source has revealed that authorities have successfully frozen certain cryptocurrency units associated with the fraud.

Officials in Hong Kong have reached out to major exchanges in order to recover customer funds and freeze assets. Meanwhile, the impact of this incident on the crypto industry in Hong Kong is significant, and experts believe that it will expedite the involvement of securities regulators. It is also likely that swift actions will be taken against other platforms operating without licenses and serving the region’s citizens.

Every country now has examples of how to prevent fraud. By looking at FTX in the United States, Thodex in Turkey, and JPEX in Hong Kong, the necessary measures to close the gaps can be determined.

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