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Ripple Continues Its Battle with the SEC: The Story is Not Over Yet

8:46 pm (66 days ago)
September 26, 2023

The crypto company Ripple, which has been wrestling with the SEC for about 3 years, is nearing the end, but the story is not over yet. The target is April 2024, and Ripple continues its fight. Crypto giants are trying every way to protect their operations in the US from regulatory pressure. Courts, lobbying activities, propaganda ads, and much more.

Ripple and Its New Transfer

Lauren Belive, who worked at the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency, has transferred to the crypto giant. Belive announced the news on Tuesday. Binance, Coinbase, and other crypto companies are seeking support from former bureaucrats to strengthen their legal and compliance units.

Belive said the following in her LinkedIn statement;

“My role will be to manage our Washington and national engagement, ensuring that we are not only part of the conversation, but also progress in clarity and purpose. As regulatory environments evolve, it is crucial for us to advocate for policies that not only support the crypto industry but also countless individuals and businesses that can benefit from these developments.”

The Solution for Crypto is Clear

Reducing the pressure faced by crypto companies in the US judicial district goes through strong lobbying activities. While doing this, creating public opinion has also become the primary duty of crypto companies in the region. In America, lobbying is not about giving bribes under the table like in many other countries; instead, people allocate their money to lobbying firms. They persuade politicians within the legal limits of this issue to serve their own purposes.

Belive was previously the Director of Government Relations at SoftBank Group International and before that, she was the President of US Government Relations at Zoom. Now, she will work for Ripple’s advocacy activities in Washington D.C.

Other crypto companies have also increased their visibility and efforts in Washington. Coinbase is planning a “Stand with Crypto Day” on Wednesday, where innovators, entrepreneurs, and developers will meet lawmakers and government officials in the capital. Coinbase, in particular, is spending serious money on this issue and even has ongoing advertising campaigns.

FTX founder SBF was also spending a significant amount of money on this before it was revealed that he was a fraudster. He even said that he could spend up to $1 billion in the 2024 elections.

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