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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Investors Awaited: SHIB Team’s Excitement is Growing!

9:25 pm (69 days ago)
July 27, 2023

Shiba Inu (SHIB), one of the most influential communities in the cryptocurrency market, is making headlines with new developments. The Shibarium Bridge, also known as the Shibarium Bridge, which Shiba Inu investors have been waiting for a long time, is finally entering the market. Lucie, the SHIB marketing expert, announced that the Shiba Inu team has launched the beta version of the Shibarium Bridge.

Shibarium Bridge is Active

In fact, this will be the first use of Shibarium in terms of its interaction with the Ethereum network. After the announcement made at the end of April, taking such a step indicates a situation that is not too late but not difficult. Shibarium Bridge uses Plasma technology and, in addition, enables Shiba Inu users to easily transact between the Shibarium network and the Ethereum network with a network of validators. This eliminates the need for third parties and provides a scaling solution with the lowest risk.

The bridge directly supports the ERC-20 token standard and facilitates the interaction of tokens on the Ethereum network with the Shibarium network. When the bridge is launched on the main network, it is expected to provide liquidity to Shibarium. In addition, thanks to this development, the Shibarium layer 2 network can make significant progress.

SHIB Continues Uninterrupted

Shibarium was a project that crypto investors have been waiting for a long time and some hoped it would fail. Although Shiba Inu initially looked like just a meme coin, it always received reactions from rival projects for creating a large ecosystem. SIHB, which has other ecosystem tokens such as BONE and LEASH, will definitely make more noise with its new step, but it is expected to be a long-term rise.

Famous developer Shytoshi emphasized that he will make an important announcement at a conference recently, heralding a new piece of news. Although it is not known what this news is, it can be said that it will definitely create excitement.

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