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The Future of Bitcoin (BTC) Price Amidst Low Volume and Regulatory Pressure

10:56 pm (55 days ago)
August 3, 2023

Low volumes and a fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) dominated news flow have made the markets overwhelming for investors. So what’s next? With the price of Bitcoin dropping below $30,000, traders who were expecting a rally have lost confidence, and regulatory pressure continues to increase day by day. In the midst of all this, what are the expectations for the future of the market?

Bitcoin (BTC) News

The news is not looking good these days either. Experts are repeating what they have been saying for about a year now. Rumors of the US preparing for a recession are causing concern, and the macro data that supports these rumors is also worrying. The excessive relaxation in employment is pulling down the price of Bitcoin due to the risk of a recession, and on the other hand, the opposite scenario is seen as bullish for bears because the Fed is expected to tighten excessively. JOLTS was good, and the jobless claims that came today exceeded expectations. However, despite all this, BTC has remained almost stable.

The news about Binance that came last night was troubling, but rumors that the US Department of Justice has come to its senses and will not bankrupt investors neutralized the news. On the other hand, rumors that could breathe life into the market, such as “Twitter (X) will open a stock exchange,” were denied by Musk within minutes. Tomorrow is a big day, and it should be in favor of crypto with the CPI and wage increases. But there’s a problem, the ADP precursor indicator came in high, so nerves could still be on edge tomorrow.

Bitcoin Expert Comments

So what do market experts think? Material Indicators are sending more signals of a further drop. In their recent market assessment, they mentioned the testing of new lows, and the news flow supports this. Moreover, the lack of volume makes it even easier for sellers. Especially considering that market makers who have withdrawn from the market since May have left their order books vulnerable.

“If you’re surprised, confused, or think that two-way volatility is over, it means you’re not paying attention.”

Daan Crypto Trades claimed that the behavior of BTC price is simply a continuation of a very familiar pattern.

“I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. The longer the price stays here, the bigger the following move will be.”

According to the Bitcoin Volatility Index (BVOL), weekly volatility is heading towards record low levels seen at the beginning of 2023. This corresponds to current comparisons with January, which reflected the period just before Bitcoin’s rally in the first quarter, based on Bollinger Bands data. Dylan LeClair, senior analyst at UTXO Management, also noted that the 10-day realized volatility is lower than that of US stocks, bonds, and gold.

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