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Unibot, Famous Telegram Trading Bot, Falls Victim to Hack Attack

11:09 am (34 days ago)
October 31, 2023

The renowned Telegram trading bot Unibot has become the target of a hack attack resulting in the theft of over 600 thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. After the hack attack was confirmed on Unibot’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) account, the service token of the bot, Unibot (UNIBOT), dropped by over 25%.

Unibot’s Statement on the Hack Attack

It has been announced that the new order router of the Telegram trading bot Unibot has fallen victim to a hack attack on the transaction confirmation section. The official X account of the bot stated, “Our new router has been targeted, and a token confirmation hack attack has occurred. We have temporarily stopped the router to control the issue.”

The statement also mentioned, “All stolen user funds will be reimbursed due to the error in our new router. Your keys and wallets are safe.”

According to the data detected by the on-chain data tracking platform Lookonchain, the wallet address belonging to the actor(s) behind the hack attack currently holds just over 630 thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, mostly consisting of Ethereum (ETH) and then USD Coin (USDC). The transactions that these actors will carry out with these funds are being closely monitored.

Attack Takes its Toll on UNIBOT Token Price

Data from the crypto data and price platform CoinGecko shows that after the confirmation of the hack attack, the price of UNIBOT dropped by over 25% from above 42 dollars to as low as 32.64 dollars. The price of the altcoin reached its peak in mid-August at around 220 dollars, setting a record and attracting attention at the time. Moreover, during the period when the Telegram trading bot’s token was at its peak, it generated significant revenue and caught the interest of investors.

Furthermore, the hack attack targeting Unibot has now been recorded as the latest attack on the cryptocurrency world. Last week, LastPass fell victim to a hack attack, resulting in the theft of 4.4 million dollars worth of cryptocurrencies belonging to users.

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