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Vodafone Germany Chooses Cardano over Ethereum for NFT Collection Project

7:38 pm (162 days ago)
July 1, 2023

News: One of the world’s largest telecom companies, Vodafone’s German subsidiary Vodafone Germany, has finally announced its anticipated plans. Previously in the news for its NFT and Metaverse focused plans, Vodafone seems to have already chosen an altcoin project. The Vodafone team has opted to go with Cardano (ADA), a rival to Ethereum (ETH), for its NFT collections.

In an announcement made in the last days of June, it was emphasized that the Cardano blockchain network would be used for the NFT project. The community points out that Vodafone, which wants to focus on sustainability and inter-network cooperation, has chosen Cardano in this context.

A Vodafone Germany representative announced that the company will produce its own NFT collection. The NFT collection, which will be initially distributed to the first 1,000 members of Vodafone’s Discord channel, will take shape according to the company’s plans. It was also stated that the company first intends to focus on Germany and then proceed internationally.

Patrick Tobler, CEO of NMKR, a leading NFT project development company, also made a statement on the subject. The CEO conveyed that Vodafone’s NFT collection will be directly developed and produced by them.

Vodafone’s entry into the NFT world is seen as an expected step. Many world-famous companies and institutions have pressed the button for their own NFT collections and this can be said to be a natural development process. While the Ethereum network mostly came to the forefront in previous initiatives, the selection of Cardano this time created surprise. Transaction fees on the Cardano network and the emerging DeFi world may have been influential in this. Despite this, the related news did not create as large a price increase impact for ADA as expected. ADA, which trades below $0.30, fell to the 8th rank and slowly loses its place in the top 10 ranking.

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