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What’s Coming for XRP and Altcoins! Latest Crypto Expert Report!

10:22 pm (66 days ago)
July 17, 2023

QCP analysts have released their highly anticipated market analysis today, which contained important details. These types of analyses coming from institutional entities are received with greater interest by investors. Moreover, unlike individual commentators, QCP analysts provide a clearer framework for the market. Today, the focus was on XRP Coin.

QCP XRP Coin Review

Last Thursday, Judge Analisa Torres’ unexpected XRP ruling in the Southern District of New York sent shockwaves through the crypto industry. This was the first thing we heard about the lawsuit since the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple in 2020 for offering unregistered securities. While the initial ruling was on everyone’s radar, the timing and decision surprised everyone.

What confused us about the decision was that XRP’s over-the-counter (OTC) sales to institutional investors (through situational assessments and investment agreements) were considered an “investment contract” and therefore a security offering. On the other hand, XRP being sold individually on an exchange (anonymously and without disclosures) was not considered an “investment contract” and therefore not a security offering.

Of course, many people in the community celebrate the SEC’s loss as a victory for freedom from securities laws and the right to choose where they put their money.

“Perhaps this will level the playing field for investors in good projects. Projects that are directly acquired by everyone without the cheap first-round institutional OTC offers that are later converted into retail for exponential profits in ICOs can breathe a sigh of relief.”

What Will Happen After the XRP Decision

While the lawsuit will continue for the institutional aspect where the SEC’s request was accepted, the SEC will undoubtedly appeal the rejection in the retail part. However, it will take several more years for the court to reach a decision after the appeal, and in the meantime, this current decision will remain valid.

Meanwhile, the decision removes the security label for ETH and many other altcoins. QCP analysts expect further growth for ETH.

“The current situation for ETH will mean embracing the parabolic trend line upwards towards the 2140-2300 main resistance zone.”

The third biggest benefit of this decision is explained as follows:

“The biggest beneficiaries of this decision are crypto exchanges, especially Coinbase. Until the SEC’s decision on a physical ETF and their decision in their case against their own unregistered securities exchange, both of which are at least several months away, we expect the 116 resistance to be broken soon and see a nearly 40% increase.”

Lastly, they said the following:

“The macro calendar remains calm until the next FOMC decision on July 27, but a 25bp rate hike is already locked in there, and we don’t see anything that could shake the band until at least mid-August on the calendar.”

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