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3 Altcoins Including XRP on the List! Expect These Altcoins to Continue Rising!

11:59 am (67 days ago)
July 17, 2023

Crypto analyst and trader Michael van de Poppe, closely followed by crypto investors with high-value price analysis, predicts that Ripple’s XRP, Chainlink (LINK), and Polygon (MATIC), including three altcoins, will continue to rise. Here are the predictions he put forward for the altcoins on his list.

New Rally Prediction for Ripple’s XRP

Crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe expects Ripple’s XRP, the cross-border payment solution, to make a pullback around $0.65 before regaining its upward momentum and then continuing its rally.

According to van de Poppe, following this pullback, Ripple’s XRP could rise up to $0.90 in the subsequent rally, stating, “A massive price movement. I’m interested in trading around the $0.65-$0.69 range. If the price bounces from there, we will likely see a new upward movement.”

Also Expects Rise in Polygon’s MATIC and Chainlink’s LINK

Following XRP, van de Poppe, who transitioned to the native asset of the decentralized oracle network Chainlink called LINK, expects it to maintain support above an important level he considers significant, triggering a significant jump. The analyst predicts that LINK could rise up to $16, and for this breakout, the price needs to maintain support at $6.

The chart shared by the analyst reveals that LINK could clearly rise up to $16.

The third and last altcoin on the analyst’s list is the native asset of the Polygon network, which is being renamed POL. According to van de Poppe, MATIC could drop to $0.75 before starting its next rally:

There are two interest areas for MATIC. I can buy aggressively from $0.79-$0.80. If I take a more conservative approach, $0.75 would be a good buying zone. The upward momentum in MATIC is likely not exhausted, and it will bounce from one of these levels and move upward.

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