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Alex Gluchowski Denies Code Copying Accusations by Polygon Zero

5:28 pm (52 days ago)
August 4, 2023

zkSync’s creator, Alex Gluchowski, the co-founder and CEO of Matter Labs, has denied allegations of copying code from Polygon Zero’s systems without attribution. Gluchowski stated on Twitter that the accusations are baseless. However, he admitted that the coding could have been done better and a standard approach for the referenced attribution pointed out by the community will be implemented.

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Polygon Zero claimed in a lengthy blog post on August 3rd that Matter Labs copied components they defined as “critical components in terms of performance” of their information system called “Plonky2.” According to Polygon Zero, the code was observed in Matter Labs’ recently released system called “Boojum” without proper attribution to the original authors.

The company stated that this behavior is harmful to the developer ecosystem. They emphasized that smaller development teams could potentially be harmed as better-funded competitors could easily reproduce their work without appropriate attribution. The most striking statement in the company’s announcement was:

“Copying and pasting source code without attribution and making misleading claims about the original work is against the open-source culture and harms the ecosystem.”

A Standard Approach Will Be Applied

In response to the allegations, Gluchowski denied copying the code. The executive addressed the issues brought up by Polygon Zero in a lengthy post on Twitter. According to Gluchowski, every decision they made in creating zkSync is based on honesty and transparency.

The CEO of Matter Labs mentioned that the passion of the Polygon Zero team for their work may have led to rushed debates and inaccurate statements.

“Today’s accusations are baseless, misleading, and coming from a team I highly respect, which is extremely disappointing.”

Gluchowski stated that Plonky2 and Boojum are implementations of the RedShift structure introduced by Matter Labs three years before the Plonky2 article. The CEO claimed that the developers of Plonky2 did not include them but highlighted RedShift in their article.

Nevertheless, the CEO acknowledged that the coding could be improved and they will apply a more standard approach for the referenced attribution pointed out by the community.

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