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Binance Announces Listing of Six New Crypto Currency Pairs for Margin Trading

10:09 am (13 days ago)
November 21, 2023

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has made an important announcement today that has caught the attention of investors. According to the statement, there are developments concerning six cryptocurrencies for investors. Binance emphasized that these six new trading pairs will be listed for isolated and cross-margin trading.

Which Cryptocurrencies will be Listed?

The announcement made by the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance includes details of the six trading pairs. According to this, it was emphasized that pNetwork (PNT) and Civic (CVC) will be listed for cross-margin trading.

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The exchange also stated in its announcement that four trading pairs will be listed for isolated margin trading. The cryptocurrencies to be listed are Civic (CVC), Harvest Finance (FARM), aelf (ELF), and Siacoin (SC).

Which Trading Pairs can Investors Use?

According to the announcement made by Binance, PNT and CVC investors will be offered cross-margin trading opportunities based on the USDT trading pair, as margin trading is already available to them. Binance also stated that as of the latest update, it will start offering isolated margin trading in the USDT pair for CVC, SV, FARM, and ELF investors.

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With this critical move by Binance, investors will now be able to use the PNT/USDT and CVC/USDT trading pairs for cross-margin trading. Additionally, investors will also be able to use the SC/USDT, ELF/USDT, FARM/USDT, and CVC/USDT trading pairs for isolated margin trading.

Hope for a Resolution in the Binance Case

While Binance’s critical altcoin moves continue, there was a development yesterday that was particularly relevant to the ongoing legal process. According to this, it was alleged that the US Department of Justice has demanded more than $4 billion from Binance as part of a proposed solution to a long-standing investigation. Such a development has increased expectations that a solution will be found in the cryptocurrency world.

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It is expected that any solution will enhance investor sensitivity towards the cryptocurrency sector, which has been hit by recent developments. Recently, the cryptocurrency sector has been going through a difficult period due to government investigations and accusations against companies and individuals in the sector, including the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX. Overcoming this process could bring investor inflow before the bull season.

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