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Binance’s Strategic Investments in Emerging Crypto Projects: A Breakdown

1:30 pm (198 days ago)
May 24, 2023

Cryptocurrency markets might be witnessing a slump with Bitcoin potentially hitting rock bottom, but this doesn’t spell the end. New giants are taking shape. Bear markets can present fantastic investment opportunities in the early stages. Exchanges often allocate funds to promising projects via their investment companies, ensuring a more substantial gain during the bull season compared to individual investors. 

Binance’s Altcoin Investments

Recall the FTX collapse in November. Binance received millions of dollars worth of FTT Tokens as a return on its early investment in FTX. This induced a sell-off that nearly bankrupted the faltering FTX exchange. Similarly, Binance, along with several other crypto companies, is still investing. When Binance first invested in FTX, the FTT Token was unable to reach double-digit figures for a long time. Therefore, those who followed this investment and purchased FTT Tokens realized significant profits in the past. 

Binance continues to invest in crypto firms, primarily through Binance Labs. Some of these companies have yet to launch their tokens, some are listed on the exchange, and Binance is waiting for their token unlocking. 

Projects Invested by Binance

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, strongly believes in the future significant role of Web3. This conviction drives its investments in new companies within the Web3 space. Since 2018, Binance Labs has invested in over 200 projects from 25 countries. Furthermore, through its Incubation Program, it has nurtured over 50 Web3-specific projects, including Polygon, Perpetual Protocol, and Dune Analytics. Binance Labs, one of the largest crypto investment companies in the sector, holds assets worth approximately $7.5 billion. 

So, in which crypto projects has it invested? Here are the last 26:

  • Tabi
  • Playbux
  • Rumby Stars (CRT)
  • Gameta
  • Polyhedra Network
  • FilSwan
  • Ambit Finance (AMBIT)
  • FrankieOne
  • Ultimate Champions (CHAMP)
  • Ancilia
  • Paragraph
  • AlterVerse (ACE)
  • MX Global
  • Bitquery
  • Salus Security
  • Aptos (APT)
  • Hooked Protocol (HOOK)
  • Sui (SUI)
  • DoraHacks
  • Ankr Network (ANKR)
  • Mask Network (MASK)
  • Magic Square (SQR)
  • OpenLeverage (OLE)
  • Tatsumeeko (MKLN)

Although Binance might support these projects, some may not achieve success. It’s crucial for investors to conduct thorough reviews based on their risk profiles and devise their strategies accordingly. 

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