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Bitcoin Analyst Reveals Expected Price Levels for 2025

5:04 pm (59 days ago)
October 3, 2023

James, the anonymous host and cryptocurrency analyst of the crypto-focused YouTube channel InvestAnswers, shared the target levels he expects Bitcoin (BTC) to reach in 2025. The analyst provided the optimal and highest levels that the largest cryptocurrency could achieve that year.

Bitcoin Expects at Least 69% and up to 80% Increase

James, the anonymous host of InvestAnswers, said in his recent YouTube video that the price target he gave for Bitcoin is largely dependent on factors such as the future of on-chain supply, US Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and the overall adoption of the largest cryptocurrency.

James also mentioned that the long-term controlled supply of BTC by investors has reached its all-time high, stating, “This is madness. People are not selling the BTC they bought.” The cryptocurrency analyst believes that Bitcoin could reach $89,000 in 2025, but he pointed to $142,000 as the maximum target level in the upward direction.

With the current prices, Bitcoin needs to increase by over 69% to reach the expected $89,000, and the $142,000 target corresponds to an increase of over 80% based on current prices.

BTC is currently trading at $27,519, down 2.90% in the last 24 hours. The largest cryptocurrency has risen over 65% since the beginning of the year, despite a relatively negative past entering the last quarter of the year.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Will be Game-Changing, According to the Analyst

James, the host of InvestAnswers, also emphasized that the target price levels that could be reached if the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejects a spot Bitcoin ETF approval would be lower. The cryptocurrency analyst expects things to go out of control if the SEC gives the green light to a spot Bitcoin ETF.

Last week, the SEC postponed its decision on multiple spot Bitcoin ETF applications. Experts and market observers expect the US federal regulator to likely make decisions on some of the pending ETFs until the beginning of 2024.

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