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France: Cryptocurrency Investments Among the Most Popular Asset Types

6:58 pm (15 days ago)
November 14, 2023

As cryptocurrency regulations continue in the European Union, notable research on the subject continues to emerge. According to a survey conducted by Autorité des Marchés Financiers, France’s leading financial regulatory authority, based on the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) survey presented to the public on November 13, cryptocurrency assets were announced as the second most popular investment asset type among the country’s population.

Remarkable Survey Results

According to the survey conducted by the authority, 9.4% of the population in France own cryptocurrency assets, which is slightly lower than those who own real estate funds, the most popular investment asset option with a rate of 10.7%. 2.8% of the participants in the survey reported owning NFTs.

The survey also evaluated the “new investors” group who made their first investments since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 under a different category. It is noteworthy that 64% of the new investors during this period were male, and they are known to be younger than traditional investors.

The average age of cryptocurrency investors was reported as 36, while the average age of traditional market investors was 51. 54% of investors in the new category own cryptocurrency assets. Analysts presenting the survey to the public also emphasized that new individual investors, especially those in the youngest age group of 18 to 24, have a lower level of financial knowledge compared to traditional market investors.

Cryptocurrency Boom in France

Cryptocurrency investors have a higher likelihood of giving incorrect answers regarding investment strategies compared to traditional investors. France is known for taking an active leadership role in the field of economy and innovation related to the cryptocurrency market in Europe. The steps taken in this field in the country are closely followed by the cryptocurrency communities.

In September, local telecommunications group Iliad announced a €100 million (€106 million) investment to finance the establishment of an artificial intelligence research laboratory in Paris. Recently, the first-of-its-kind Crypto Assets Institute started its operations in a business district outside of Paris.

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