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Long-Term Trend Analysis Suggests Ethereum May Outperform Bitcoin

6:03 pm (70 days ago)
October 1, 2023

A senior crypto analyst known for making accurate decisions in the past suggests that Ethereum (ETH) is poised to outperform Bitcoin (BTC) as the long-term trend continues.

Pay Attention to the ETH/BTC Pair!

The analyst, known as Dave the Wave, informed his followers on the social media platform X that Ethereum and Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) have shown lower highs and lower lows, but a different picture emerges when zooming out. The analyst stated:

ETH/BTC: Be cautious of short-term biases. A series of lower highs can mean something until it doesn’t. The longer timeframe eclipses the shorter one…and helps to speculate on future price movements rather than simply defining past price movements…those caught up in the hindsight bias tend to be armchair critics, not real speculators…who may indeed have a satisfaction of such naïveté…

Critical Formation from Crypto Giants!

Senior analyst Dave the Wave, focusing on a multi-year timeframe, indicates that the ETH/BTC pair may be nearing the end of a large wedge pattern, signaling an upward breakout in early next year. The analyst then turns to Bitcoin, using his own version of logarithmic growth curves (LGC) to plot the high and low levels of BTC’s long-term market cycle while filtering out volatility.

According to LGC, Bitcoin is highlighted as on track to outperform traditional assets like stock indices for at least another decade. The analyst emphasized:

There’s another decade suggested by the LGC chart before BTC is fully capitalized and on par with more traditional investments…keeping up with inflation…the primary tool for creating wealth until then.

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