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StarkNet Token Airdrop: What You Need to Know

6:14 pm (24 days ago)
August 28, 2023

Crypto investors are showing more interest in airdrops as they navigate the challenging conditions of bear markets. Airdrops like ARB and OP have brought significant gains to investors. Despite their timing, which may not result in impressive token price performances, investors are still excited about the free money. One of the highly anticipated airdrop announcements is about StarkNet.

StarkNet Token Airdrop

Braavos, the StarkNet wallet, recently published an article stating that StarkNet STRK Token, after approximately 12 months of distribution on Ethereum, will soon be launched and made available to the public. This token will be used for governance, staking, and gas fee payments. Braavos wrote the following:

“Because STRK is not designed like other crypto assets. As a symbol and driving force of StarkWare’s decentralized strategy, the token will allow users to protect the network, decide its future direction, and benefit from a better approach to transaction fees.”

“The price of the token will be determined by the market. Therefore, any predictions regarding the initial price of Starknet token would be foolish and impractical.”

Starknet offers three main use cases for the STRK token:

  • Governance, allowing you to vote on changes in the Starknet protocol.
  • Staking, enabling you to commit your tokens to secure the network.
  • Gas fees, allowing you to pay transaction fees without ETH.

StarkNet Token Airdrop and Price

The team has not yet disclosed the details of the airdrop. However, team members have previously confirmed that an airdrop will take place. Tobby Kitty, a well-known figure among Turkish crypto investors, is also an active member of the team. His previous statements confirm the occurrence of an airdrop.

Once the schedule for the upcoming token release is finalized, we will see the announcement of the airdrop terms. The recent article by the Braavos team includes the following details about the price:

“While the future expectations for Starknet are highly promising and the crypto ecosystem is witnessing a rise in the price of Starknet token, we advise you to take a longer-term perspective on the asset. STRK is not just a currency and exchange tool; it is also a part of Starknet. As the network strives to become the most scalable Layer 2 rollup, the native token will allow you to shape its future and secure it.”

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