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Why is Dogecoin (DOGE) Rising? Price Analysis and Predictions

5:15 pm (75 days ago)
July 21, 2023

Despite the general market turmoil, the king of meme coins turned its direction upwards today. But what was the reason behind this surge? While price increases excite investors, the short-term trajectory remains uncertain. So, what do the current technical readings indicate? How much will DOGE be worth?

Dogecoin (DOGE)

On the four-hour chart, the price managed to surpass the $0.075 horizontal resistance. Having visited the $0.066 region on July 14th and 18th, the price avoided deeper lows. The long tails during the declines indicate that bulls have been countering these sell-offs. The price, which formed a V-shaped recovery on July 20th, is now pushing the peak even higher. The reason behind today’s rise may be Musk‘s recent DOGE tweet.

The demand that started with the mischievous billionaire’s tweet may also be fueled by expectations of overall market recovery. Despite the decline in the US markets and concerns about the Fed meeting, some altcoins managed to attract buyers early on, even as Bitcoin experienced a sell-off.

DOGE Price Prediction

On the weekly chart, the price still appears to be completing the bottoming process. If it can see consistent closings above $0.078 on the long-term chart, we can talk about a steady rise. Subsequently, the price may target the $0.09 region from the week of April 17th. In the medium term, after $0.081 and $0.094, the $0.1 level will act as a psychological resistance.

Since October, the price has closed above this critical level 7 times. However, more has not followed. We saw the most recent one at the beginning of April, and the price then dropped by nearly 50%. In the long term, the ongoing market recovery is expected to continue. Especially with the elimination of recession concerns expected in a few months, DOGE could bounce back to $0.2 and beyond, having found its true bottom after the levels of $0.1 and $0.15.

The ultimate goal of the Dogecoin community is $1, but they will have to wait for the peak of the next bull season if it is to come. At the time of writing, DOGE is finding buyers at $0.075 and the RSI is close to the overbought zone. If we don’t see sudden sell-offs in the Bitcoin camp, the positive sentiment and a moderate yet steady rise will continue.

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