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China Launches New Application for Tourists to Use Digital Currency

6:06 pm (68 days ago)
September 25, 2023

The People’s Bank of China has taken action for the digital cryptocurrency (CBDC). As a result, a new application is being introduced for tourists who want to visit the People’s Republic of China. With the newly launched application, tourists will have a digital wallet that they can use within the country using VISA and Mastercard payment options. The mobile application supporting the CBDC pilot program continues to be updated day by day.

Great Convenience for Tourists

The e-CNY application, which is still in the testing phase, can be used by iOS and Google Play Store users in China. Thanks to the application, users and especially tourists can benefit from digital wallet services. The application, designed to put an end to the currency problems of tourists, will be available nationwide.

According to the latest iOS application update released on September 22, version 1.1.1 of the application includes support for purchasing Digital Yuan with international card options, providing great convenience to users.

According to some local Chinese news sources, the latest version of the e-CNY application coincides with the start of the Asian Games. This shows that the application has been launched to make tourists entering the country feel more comfortable and free in various areas.

Promoting the Use of Digital Yuan

Chinese officials extensively tested the use of digital wallets as a payment option for tourists visiting the country. According to local news sources, the arrival of tourists to the country during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics using e-CNY indicated the beginning of the CBDC pilot program as a payment option within the country.

Tourists will be able to create and open their e-CNY wallets using overseas mobile phone numbers. Additionally, they will be able to benefit from digital yuan purchases supporting VISA and Mastercard payments, thanks to a recent update.

The Chinese government is evaluating many projects related to Digital Yuan. Therefore, directing citizens towards Digital Yuan as a payment option and accepting CBDC as a payment option in the country is considered important by many authorities. This indicates that incentives will be provided to increase the use of the e-CNY application among Chinese citizens and businesses.

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